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Dental Restoration in Windsor

We can restore damaged teeth to their full appearance and function with dental restorations. Modern restorations are designed to preserve the tooth’s strength and integrity while blending in with your natural smile.

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Fillings are a time-tested way to treat cavities left by tooth decay. The filling keeps the decay from spreading further into your tooth. There are a number of filling options depending on your needs, including tooth-coloured composite fillings.


Teeth that have large existing fillings or teeth that are cracked can be restored with crowns. These restorations, which are also called caps, repair the damage, protect the remaining parts of the tooth, and restore the appearance of your smile. Crowns can be made from tooth coloured material to blend with your other teeth.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are similar to crowns in that they are restorations that are created and attached to a damaged tooth. They look similar to fillings, but they are used to repair teeth where a filling won’t be strong enough to preserve the strength of the tooth. They are normally used to repair molars. Onlays are special inlays that repair the biting structures of the molar.


Bridges are an “indirect” restoration to replace missing teeth. They use a structure consisting of two crown-like supports with one or more replacement teeth between them. The supports are bonded onto the natural teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. Bridges are designed to resemble your natural teeth as closely as possible.


Our CEREC system is like a mini dental laboratory in our office. It can produce high-quality ceramic restorations, such as crowns, in a very short time. It can also scan your teeth digitally, without the use of impression trays. For you, this means you can get a permanent crown in a single appointment.

Give us a call to make an appointment if you have a damaged tooth or if you think you may have a cavity.

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