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Family Dentistry in Windsor

Family is very important to us. Not only are most of our team from Essex County and many are raising families here, but we share a common commitment to serving the families in our community. We provide services for every member of your family at every stage of their lives.


Early dental care is very important to your child’s lifelong dental health. We welcome children of all ages and we take special care to make sure our young patients feel safe, comfortable, and included in their treatment. We know that a trip to the dentist can be stressful for kids (and parents) so we take the time to explain things carefully before we do anything.

If your child needs treatment, we have a child-friendly environment to help them stay calm and comfortable. We also provide nitrous oxide sedation and paint-on anesthetic to help them get through their appointment.

You should bring your child to us every six months for an examination. This lets us catch and treat problems early. It also makes a trip to the dentist a familiar experience for your child.

We offer fluoride treatment for children, along with dental sealants to protect their teeth from decay.

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We’re all keeping our teeth longer, so dental care for seniors is focused on protecting and preserving beautiful natural smiles. We care for seniors’ special needs and we work with patients and caregivers to ensure that our senior patients enjoy healthy, happy smiles.

We’re committed to caring for your family. Call us today to make an appointment.

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