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Endodontics in Windsor

Root canal treatment relieves the pain and inflammation in the pulp of your tooth. When a tooth is damaged, the pulp can become infected, which can cause severe localized pain. By removing the pulp, we can treat the infection, save the tooth, and relieve the pain.

How does root canal treatment work?

Root canal treatment consists of a group of procedures to remove the pulp from the tooth and protect it from future infection. In simple terms, we drill a small hole in the tooth, extract the pulp with special tools, clean the inside of the tooth, and seal the hole to protect the area. Then we restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Aren’t root canals painful?

Although people will joke “I’d rather have a root canal than do that!” root canal treatment is actually about as painful as having a tooth filled. And since the treatment usually relieves the pain caused by the infection, many patients feel relief after their appointment.

If you’re experiencing bad toothaches or sensitivity to hot and cold, call our office to book an examination.

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